It’s bee a few months since my last post…

…I’ve been busy, but I haven’t forgotten about this project.

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and for that, I apologize. Between finishing up my first college semester as a returning adult student, being a dad to two boys, a husband to my amazing wife, and just living life, I’ve been busy. However, now that I submitted my last final exam, I have more time to devote to this project.


Things certainly haven’t changed in the world over the past few months, though. Since my last post, I have read more than a few stories from various news sites regarding DEA task force drug busts, kilograms of fentanyl being seized, and people being arrested, shot, killed, and having their lives ruined. Unfortunately, this is more of the same. It won’t end until the laws surrounding drugs are changed.

The World just keeps turning

To that end, I have been working tirelessly. Over the coming months, I will post a list of congressional representatives that we can call, write, and contact online to make our voices and our ideas heard. This is how we start. Unfortunately, thanks to decades of government propaganda (like the D.AR.E. program, “Just say ‘No'”, etc), people are ashamed or afraid of drug use, and this leads to a sense of moral relativism when people die from drug overdoses.

This is America – we have recourse and remedies for unjust laws

This means that there most likely won’t be a single, sudden, shocking event that will wake people up. We have been conditioned not to feel empathy for drug addicts. However, I have been interviewing people over the past few weeks, and most people fall into one of two categories: either they have or do use drugs, or they know someone who did or does. This can only mean that we aren’t being honest as a society. Catharsis is needed. The day drugs are legal, adults are allowed to consume whatever domestically, safely produced substances they wish, and no one is dying from drug overdoses we will be done, and we will breathe a satisfied sigh of relief. Until then, we have work to do.

I am going to share my college English final with you. Click here to read it. I wrote it about drug use (surprise surprise), researched thoroughly, and found some very interesting statistics and information about the history of drugs in the United States. When I first started this website, I knew logically and from a libertarian perspective that legalization was the only way forward. After researching it, I can say that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the full legalization of all drugs is required. It’s the only way forward, and it’s the only thing that we, as a nation, haven’t tried.

I find it amusing that the land of the free, the first nation in the world to enshrine God-given personal liberties in its founding documents, would be so openly hostile towards what could be the most basic liberty of all: The freedom to put whatever you want into your own body. Consuming substances is a victimless crime (or could be, if one were given access to a safe supply of legal, non-violently sourced drugs from which to enjoy). Virtually every major negative consequence associated with drug use is artificially induced by the fact that they are illegal.

People in the United States enjoy many personal freedoms – the right to consume what they want isn’t among them.

Let’s all work together to bring about this change. It’s needed, overdue, and as previously discussed, the only sane choice we have left. We have tried everything else except for the choice that’s easiest to do: Leave people alone to do what they want in the privacy of their own homes and businesses. Any other choice has already been tried, and quite frankly, has failed miserably.

If we work together, we can achieve great things.

Thanks for reading. Drop a comment (or better yet – sign the guestbook) to let us know what you think.

It’s high time for change.

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