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Our Country hangs in the balance

We’re glad you stopped by. Without further ado, what we want is: Full Legalization of ALL drugs. Before you dismiss us as lunatics of a special variety, we have our reasons. The biggest of these is to save lives. The country has been in a state of full prohibition for 108 years, and the result has been devastating for us.

Since then, drugs have become more ubiquitous, not less. They are more potent, less expensive, and more readily available than ever before. Millions of people have died as a result. Countless families have been destroyed.  Black and Hispanic families are disproportionately affected by the policy of prohibition, which has its roots in racism and fear.

An imprisoned man

Illegalizing drugs didn’t remove humanity’s appetite for them; instead, it forced their use underground, and lined the pockets of the cartels, gangs and criminals.

Children are taught to fear drugs. They are shown pictures of jail cells, homeless people,  and gang violence. These are the consequences that the government causes, not drug use itself.

A stereotypical image of drug use

What’s the Solution?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

– Albert Einstein

What we’ve been doing isn’t working…

Before we talk about the solution,  let’s talk about what the future looks like if we do nothing. More people will die due to overdoses caused by ingesting unregulated illicit substances.  More people will leave their friends to die for fear of legal repercussions. More families will be ripped apart by the current racist policy of prohibition. More gun violence. More cartels. More money spent on the so-called “War On Drugs.” More chaos. More waste. Indeed, the future looks pretty bleak if we continue down the path we’re on.

… so let’s try something else

First of all,  let’s dispel some of the fear surrounding drugs and their use. This is an uphill battle particularly among generation X and earlier,  partly due to government funded advertising campaigns like D.A.R.E. The author of this article was raised to fear drugs. Then, when I actually tried some in my early 20s, I realized two things immediately: that I had been sold a lie, and that drugs were not the problem – our overreaction to them was.

A campaign sign from the fear-based D.A.R.E. program

I propose that we immediately repeal drug prohibition laws, and replace them with a safe supply of drugs that are taxed (like alcohol). Alcohol was also prohibited in 1914, but it alone was “forgiven”, legalized, and taxed. Today, it enjoys widespread acceptance, and provides almost 8 billion dollars in annual tax revenue per year.

This path has been traveled by other Western nations in recent times. They don’t see a massive uptick in the rates of drug usage among their population. Denmark, Norway, and Portugal have all decriminalized personal amounts of drugs. The result? Their population enjoys a lower level of drug use, and virtually no fatal overdoses.

We could handle things so differently, leading the way to a beautiful new day in America

The solution to the “drug problem” is full legalization of all drugs.